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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A few good lessons

Katie Noble is the Cancer Institute's social worker in Winter Park and has handled much of the paperwork for me regarding my short-term disability. She also was the third speaker Wednesday evening in a four-hour new-patient orientation group at the Winter Park facility.

Earlier we heard from nurse Laurie about the specifics of cancer and one's body. And we heard from a dietitian about eating healthy meals and even how to make milkshakes or smoothies from the ever-famous Nutren 1.5. Mmmm.

For example, I finally learned why I need to avoid my favorite diet Lipton White or Green Tea. After all, they're emboldened with antioxidents and, in theory, healthy for you. For you, yes. For me, not as much right now.

Turns out the chemo and rads I'm receiving are oxidents. They kill the cancer cells by oxidizing them. So, when I drink or eat something with extra antioxidents, those good things protect the body's good cells as well as the bad, evil cancer cells. And we don't want anything protecting the bad cells. After all, that's the point of all this crap attached to my body, right?

So antioxidents in foods are good, but items that supplement them aren't as good right now. Gimme a few months, maybe.

So some good lessons were learned at the group discussion. And some good people were there, who all will remain anonymous here. But let me just say it was a pleasure meeting them all and I hope the class gave them the strength, knowledge and encouragement to fight hard for either themselves or their spouses.


rcjch said...

Thank you for being at the meeting last week at Florida Hosp. I did not known that it has only been a month that you have been in this mess. There is another meeting tomorrow night to de-stress - remember the flyer with the three changes we had to make? You are brave to publish all your thoughts and emotions for everyone to benefit from. More later......

Keith W. Kohn said...

Thanks. I'll try to drop by. Can't say for sure at the moment. Maybe see you there.