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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

O-oh, Say can you see my eyes if you can, then my hair's too short

I think the chemo is starting to take its toll on my do. I've been keeping my head pretty shiny but lately I haven't needed to trim a little off the side, the top or anywhere else. I guess this is good, because it means the stuff is working.

The theory behind chemo is the chemicals target cells that reproduce a lot. This includes hair, some skin cells, blood -- and, of course, the highly reproductive cancer cells. That's why folks on chemo lose their hair, or, like me, shave their hair beforehand to retain some control. So the fact it's not really growing back means the chemo is working in my body the way it is supposed to work.

It's also why I get so tire so easily. Blood cells carry the oxygen and energy the body needs.

I am glad that I shave my head. It's making days like this a lot easier, I guess.

This coming Monday I get my second full day of chemo treatment. I believe it also is the final such treatment. I'll be there starting about 9:45 a.m. and it should last about four to five hours. I'll have the laptop there and will blog.

I think I still feel remarkably well considering what's going on. Much better than I expected at this point in my treatment.

I am still eating, so Nutren 1.5 with fiber and artificially flavored with something resembling vanilla will just have to wait. Darn.

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Anonymous said...

I learn something every time I read your blog. Never knew why chemo affected hair, or why it makes folks tired. You've got a real knack for explaining the complicated simply. Looking forward to having your talents back in the newsroom soon.
- dc