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Friday, October 12, 2007

Radiation, a lesson and an answer

I had another dose of radiation this morning, and, like Thursday, I didn't feel a thing. Three zaps and I was gone.

But I had a brief meeting with a nurse to go over nutrition options with me and explain a little about what's going on with my body.

The rads won't affect me for a week or two and may not really bother me at all. And before the esophagus swells from the radiation, it might actually be easier to swallow as the tumor shrinks.

For starters, I'm in good shape going into this. I am adding to my weight, which is a good thing, she said. And I can still eat. Food. Many men in my position cannot, and that makes for trouble.

I do need to get multivitamins and stock up on whey, protein and other powers to add to my food. I'll do this today.

Oh, as the title of this installment implies, I have an answer. The question was posed yesterday: Why flavor my feeding tube food with vanilla? Answer (no joke, I swear): Some people drink it from the can.



MichaelRealtor said...

Glad you can still eat and have an appetite. Sounds like things are going well so far. Hope they keep going as well. Tell everyone hi for me. Love, Michael

Keith W. Kohn said...

Thanks Cuz,

So far so good. Having this pump tethered to my body is annoying, but nothing I can't put up with for a few months.

Love ya,


Mark Andrews said...


I just heard about your blog -- and the reason for it. I admire your great attitude and am glad to see things appear to be going well so far. I'll certainly be praying for a full recovery. I'm sure the blog will be a great public service to many. Hang in there, buddy!

Mark Andrews

Keith W. Kohn said...

Thanks Mark,

Good hearing from you, wish the circumstances were better.