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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A break with good news

I took a break yesterday to travel to South Florida for a visit with mom. It was a good diversion, enabling me to focus on something other than my current circumstance. I continued the charade, though, and didn't tell her about my condition. She's just not quite physically ready for it.

But, she is improving, the doctor said. He actually seemed pleased with her progress, which I hadn't really seen in him yet.

Mom was lucid, joking at times, a bit loopy at times still, and very communicative. But most importantly, she was breathing. Mostly on her own. Today, Sunday, she'll be breathing without the aid of the respirator. Pretty much where she was before the pneumonia attacked her lungs a month ago.

So it was a good visit, though probably my last trip there for a while. I decided to go this one more time because my blood counts remain pretty well and I feel good. I took extra precautions against picking up any bugs at the hospital and am glad I went down to Lauderdale.

I'm also glad daughter Aimee traveled with me. She handled the driving and provided good company.

It was a challenge keeping my bald head, chemo pump and G-tube hidden, but I managed.

I will talk to mom when she's better able to handle the news and when her focus can move to the survival of someone other than herself. Right now I want that to be her primary concern.

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