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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Still kicking and feeling pretty good

Nearly 11 a.m. and I await the home-health nurse. So far I'm feeling good. Not even a little sluggish.

I'm getting used to toting around this pump, which seems to fire another bit of chemo into me every five minutes or so.

The stomach tube is the biggest pain in the, well, in the stomach. It doesn't hurt, exactly, but it's uncomfortable.

And when I look at myself, bald and with these devices attached, I feel like Keith of Borg and just hope no one unplugs anything important in the interim.

Today will really be my first day off work and I know I'm going to miss it. I know, most folks would enjoy a break now and again. Maybe under different circumstances. But on a scale of either work or this, gimme work, unpaid, extra hours, any day. Oh, wait, that's the norm, right?

Well, have to run for now but I'll be back -- that's my new mantra.


MichaelRealtor said...

Keith, hope you are feeling okay. Puke much? At least the hair is gone. I will keep on reading.


Hey Keith, I just heard from Theresa about your illness and we are all thinking of you here in Georgia.Since I have had more than a passing aquaintance with hospitals, although not with cancer, my advice to you is this: Whenever the hospital people ask you that stupid question: "What is your pain level on a scale from one to ten?" The answer is always "Eight". Any less, they won't give you the good drugs, any more they think you are just trying to get the good drugs. You can throw in a seven once in awhile for variety and to keep 'em on their toes, but eight is usually golden. Remember: Morphine is your friend. All kidding aside, are thoughts and prayers are with you and the whole family at this time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith....We miss you here at work. Being off work is fun only when you're doing fun stuff. I wish I was off work doing something fun. If you feel up to it, do something fun for the rest of us at work.
Sarah Lundy

Keith W. Kohn said...

Yo Sarah,

Knowing you're at work and I'm here is fun enough for me.

But seriously, fun is in the eye of the beholder. For example, Tuesday I didn't have a doctor's appointment at all. No chemo. No radiation. Fun. Woo hoo.

See you soon,