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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Touching bases

I got in touch with longtime friend Dick Papiernik today and he had some good news to share. Wife Elaine recently retired from a career as a human resources benefits exec in the banking industry. So, they're taking a trip later this week to China, where they'll start in Beijing and wind up in Shanghai. And the route connecting the two cities sounds amazing.

Dick, who has overcome several serious medical issues that began in the mid-90s after he was attacked at a New York ATM -- such as two strokes and major back surgery -- told me that if he could survive all the bumps he's driven over in the past decade so could I. Elaine emphasized, "We will beat this."

Damned right.

Dick was shocked to learn about my medical condition but confident I'll overcome this obstacle, as he so successfully has done with his uphill battles.

He had Elaine at his side every step of the way. I have Catherine, who truly is an amazing woman in her own right.
Catherine has been my better half for 27 years and at least 26 1/2 of those years have been wonderful. The other six months were just pretty damned good. So you get the point.

With encouragement from friends and support from this family I don't think I'll have too rough a time ahead.

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