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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catching up with Sandy Mathers

Had an early lunch with Sandy Mathers today at Jason's Deli. It's hard to believe she's been away from the paper for 15 months, but that's what she says it has been.

She caught me up on her European vacation and cruise and even had some tidbits of gossip to pass along, though most of those already have appeared on the Newsroom Briefing. She has good insider info; still a reporter digging for stories, I guess.

Earlier I had my radiation and second weekly X-ray to ensure all my organs are in about the same place so the targeting tattoos are still accurate.

Today also was a day of turn-arounds. I became Catherine's caregiver for a few hours today; she's sick with a nasty bug that likely is bronchitis but could be pneumonia. I think we're both hoping it's the former. She's in her second day of antibiotics so I think she's no longer contagious. Hope so, anyway. We've been keeping away from each other for a couple of days, and using Purell and Lysol spray when we are nearby. Thankfully, my immune system is still working, though the white blood count might be borderline by Monday if the trend in its decline continues.

I've been meaning to scan and post those blood counts but, frankly, been too tired to bother. So I haven't. I guess that's a decent excuse.


April said...

Shaved head?


Dude, you're a rockstar. Get a strategically placed piercing and you hit the trifecta.


Keith W. Kohn said...

Presuming a lot. How do you know I don't have any strategically placed piercings? Hmmm....

Rock on dude.